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Boat Hull Paint

You want to freshen up the hull of boat? You want to choose a custom colour to embellish the style of your unit? You want a complete refit for your boat? PORT D'HIVER responds to all of your wills, desires and excentricities: our qualified and specialized team is able to react quickly to any of your requests.
Peindre son bateau

Painting his boat

Customize a boat in terms of painting remains today, in the world of boating, very rare. PORT D’HIVER offers the full customization of your boat’s hull in order to give her a unique colour and identity and […]

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Cabine de peinture bateau

Paint booth

A quality paint is today the best guarantee of the longevity of your boat. Besides that, a high-end paint adds significant value to the resale price of your unit. PORT D’HIVER’s shipyard has currently a paint […]

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Covering lettrage coque de bateau

Covering, decoration and lettering

Give a new look and a new life to your boat with the covering and the lettering! PORT D’HIVER uses a method of “covering” which customizes your boat thanks to quality adhesives. Indeed, this technique consists of applying a coloured […]

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