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Cabine de peinture bateau

Paint booth

A quality paint is today the best guarantee of the longevity of your boat. Besides that, a high-end paint adds significant value to the resale price of your unit.

PORT D’HIVER’s shipyard has currently a paint booth of 16 x 6 x 6 meters with ventilation and a painting laboratory with a heating cabinet (for the conservation of paintings) to ensure impeccable quality finish.

Among its employees, PORT D’HIVER has a team of skilled and qualified technicians:

– a workshop leader

– an application paint technician

High-quality paint is nowadays, the best guarantee of the longevity of your boat. In addition, high-quality paint adds a non-negligible value to the unit’s price.

Our team works mainly on all the shades available on the market: there are more than 100,000 tones of colours. These shades give a great depth and thus allow creating an almost infinite range for your boat.

Among these colours, others more specific, are added to the range of colours:

– Sparkles hue (choice of the size of sparkles)

– Fluorescent hue

– Phosphorescent hue

– Chameleon colour

– Candy colour

– Pearly hue

– Mate colour

– Cracked colour…

If your boat has a hitch, our team of technicians is able to find the same shade of the original colour, even if the colour goes back years.

Indeed, PORT D’HIVER is equipped with a spectrometer which analyzes and dissects the whole colour of one surface and provides the exact formulation of the mixture in order to reproduce it.

However, painting a boat’s hull or a deck is not only the painting itself. A careful and meticulous disassembly of the equipment or even the fittings, the masking, the sanding is systematically carried out by our team.

The basic process provides a precise and quality finish of painting.