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Respect for the environment

Delivery schedules are one of the priorities of PORT D’HIVER to ensure that you will fully enjoy your season on time.

Our stock controller makes sure that all our spare parts order are made and delivered on time for our boat engineers.

Present since 2013 in PORT D’HIVER’s shipyard, the purchasing and logistics supervisor plays a main role in the proper functioning of our structure. It responds flawlessly to the expectations and the needs of each.

Indeed, the purchasing and logistics supervisor manages internal needs related to various trades:

  • a quality supplies as possible
  • a careful management of stocks
  • the receipt of parts and others accessories
  • the constant search for best suppliers

Moreover, PORT D’HIVER is constantly looking for new products, demonstrating our ability to innovate, and pays particular attention to the establishment of working solutions turned to the respect of the environment.

Our efforts are turned into an ecological and economical process, for the environmental and human respect.

  • Used water treatment
  • Application of an ecological antifoulings
  • Waste water treatment (recylcing of filters, batteries, thinners, oils…)