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Hivernage bateau

Wintering and Dewintering procedures

Winter is synonym of long periods of inactivity in the nautical world: the end of summer announces the time to take care of your boat and therefore protect her from any damage!

To fully enjoy your season each year, Port d’Hiver offers a customized service for the winterizing and dewintering procedures.

Port d’Hiver offers two types of winterizing and dewintering:

– wintering/dewintering ashore

– wintering/dewintering afloat

Our team of technician interfere on your unit for the following fields:

– The boat’s scrub which consists of the hull cleaning: this step is essential to the maintenance of your boat!

– The stripping of the hull and the stripping of the antifouling residues through an “aérogommage” process.

 The winterizing of your inboard engine

– The dewintering of your outboard engine

Winterize your boat protects her against moisture, metal corrosion, wood mould, osmosis plastics, the settling of aquatic organisms ect.