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Sacs Marine is well known for its boats with a recognisable design at first glance. The Italian brand of luxury semi-rigid boats is constantly renewing itself by offering ever more innovative models.

The Strider 15, the latest addition to the Strider range, has managed to make a name for itself among its confrere. In fact, the range starts with the Strider 700 model up to the Strider 19.

Sacs also offers a range called Rebel made up of real liveable units, perfect for long sea trips. This range is made up of the Rebel 40, Rebel 47 and Rebel 55 models and all feature a design that reflects the brand's identity and state-of-the-art technology.

Sacs Marine brand rhymes with performance. Its models leave no limits to the experience on the water while not putting passenger safety to the test.

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