Boat Paint

Paint cabin

PORT D’HIVER YACHTING is one of the rare medium-sized yachting yards in the Mediterranean to be equipped with a paint booth accommodating units measuring up to 50 feet. A quality paint is the best guarantee of the longevity of your boat. In addition, a high-end paint can add significant value to the price of your unit when it is resold.

Our team of paint application technicians has a laboratory with a heated cabinet (for preserving the paints) to ensure an impeccable quality of finish.

In the event of a hitch on your boat, our technicians are able to find the color identical to the original color. Our team works with your expert to assess the cost of repairing after a disaster.

PORT D’HIVER YACHTING is equipped with a spectrometer which analyzes the color of a surface and provides the exact formula of the mixture of colors to be made to obtain it.

Paint your boat

Custom painting your boat makes it stand out among other boats at sea but, above all, makes it one of a kind. A pioneer in this area, PORT D’HIVER YACHTING offers you complete customization of the hull and deck of your unit in order to give it a full color and identity.

Careful and meticulous preparation work is systematically carried out by our team. All their painting work is done in the spray booth, protected from air and humidity, for a result of rare precision.

Our site attaches particular importance to customer relations: before any operation, you have the opportunity to meet our foreman in order to refine the desired shade with him. Validation is necessary in order to start all operations.

Among the colors available, others – more specific – have been added to the panel:
– Metallic tint – Fluorescent / phosphorescent tint
– Pearl tint
– Matte shade
– Any color at the customer’s request…

Covering, decoration and lettering

PORT D’HIVER YACHTING uses a covering process that personalizes your boat using quality adhesives. This technique involves applying a high-end colored film over an entire desired space.

Composed of a workshop manager and a paint application technician, our workshop is equipped with a cutting plotter, which is mainly used for designing boat registrations.

The covering technique allows:
– the complete or partial change of the color of your unit
– protection of the original paint (gelcoat)
– the more practical implementation
– rejuvenation of worn surfaces

Stencil decoration for lettering or others is also practiced in our shipyard.

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