NautiConcept Solution

PORT D’HIVER YACHTING is a partner of NautiConcept, which digitizes and centralizes all data related to boats.

The solution is composed of a NauticSafe box, which monitors the vital organs of the boat in real time, and a NautiConcept software suite, which allows you to stay in direct contact with your unit. You have precise monitoring of the health of your boat directly on your smartphone or your computer.

The Nauticoncept application provides you with:
– Live location of your boat
– Monitoring of on-board alerts (engine, temperature, movement, battery, etc.)
– Monitoring of maintenance operations in images
– Instant messaging with your dealer

Your boat under 24 hour surveillance

On computer or smartphone, Nauticoncept gives you all the tools for predictive maintenance!

NautiConcept modules monitor and provide the history of all this information:
– GPS position
– Engine(s) and service battery voltage
– Engine stall temperature
– Presence of water in the hold
– Heavy shocks / Gite
– Remote control of a relay
– Intrusion sensor

Profits? There are many:
– You receive an alert if the voltage of your batteries drops abnormally. In case of forgetting a fridge on board for example…
– Check the actual exits of your boat if you share it or if you have left it for hire.
– Request an intervention from your dealer directly from the application
– Be warned if someone gets on your boat in your absence, if the cabin door is forced

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