Virtue Yachts is the embodiment of a profound passion for yachting, founded by individuals who are not just experts in yacht production but also avid boaters themselves. Our team boasts years of experience in engineering and a deep understanding of the yachting world. What truly sets us apart is our dedication to crafting yachts that offer unique features not readily found in today’s market.


Our construction process unfolds within a meticulously controlled environment, ensuring optimal climate conditions and proper ventilation. Each element undergoes a meticulous vacuum infusion and assembly process, marked by unwavering attention to detail. We take environmental and worker safety seriously, with separate enclosed and well-ventilated areas for gelcoat spraying and laminate cutting.


A decade ago, the Swedish company Petestep® introduced a groundbreaking, patented hull technology that forever transformed the landscape of motor yachts. Building on their pioneering work, we have seamlessly incorporated the Petestep® technology into the hull design of our V10 model. This innovation promises a superior ride experience, setting our yachts apart from the rest.

New boats VIRTUE Yachts

Year 2024
length 9.89 - Width 2.90