New boats

Quality and tradition since 1973, in every single yacht there is the best
of Cantiere del Pardo’s design and construction tradition. A continuous handing down of knowledge and skills, a true sense of trade, and craftsmanship capable of producing sailing boats and motorboats with a highly recognizable ‘Made in Italy’ design, without ever compromising strength and reliability.
This is also thanks to a network of trusted partners able to guarantee assistance and widespread services all over the world.

Three brands now, with consistent and controlled growth from the Forli Cantiere del Pardo shipyard.
Grand Soleil, the heritage and classic elegance of sailing, with more than 4000 luxury sailboats delivered in 40 years.
Pardo Yachts, an intuition which – in 2016 – made its motorboats known all over the world. A range of Day Boats Walkaround which has become the leader in its segment in just 4 years: The PARDO 38, the PARDO 43 and the PARDO 50 have enabled this international success. And now the ENDURANCE 60 which completes this range with a yacht designed to ensure long-distance navigation at low consumption, but always superior comfort! The design of these very trendy units, recognizable by their inverted bow, is a success of Zuccheri Yacht Design. Its open and Mediterranean deck layout, its large interior volumes and its navigation qualities have made it a worldwide success.
VanDutch finally, yachts with iconic charm, the latest acquisition from the Italian shipyard in 2020.

What if RAND Boats made navigation electric?

The Danish shipyard RAND Boats bets on the protection of our oceans by producing electric Day-Boats. The electric range consists of the Picnic 18, Mana 23, Play 24, Supreme 27 and Leisure 28 models.

RAND Boats offers environmentally friendly units from design to sailing. The production of the boats is carried out by Astondoa in Spain and special attention is paid to the durability of the products used. Therefore, the brand relies on materials made from recycled plastics and vacuum infused hybrids. RAND Boats also creates its models with a pure Nordic design accompanied by beautiful finishes. This design is conceived by the architect and designer Carl Kai Rand.

The brand also offers units with diesel or petrol engines in its “Privilege” range. This range includes the Play 24, Supreme 27, Leisure 28 models and the Spirit 25 model. RAND Boats is also extending its range and offers Yachts up to 40 feet but now offers the Escape 30 and Archipelago 31 models in its Discovery series.

Fairline is a British yacht brand that we no longer present. Since 1963 its boats have been offering power, performance, comfort and bringing new ideas to respected classics. Fairline Yachts are divided into three ranges.

The F//LINE range comprises two product lines: the F//LINE 33 outboard version and the Inboard version. This mini-yacht is inspired by the 60’s and was imagined by the famous designer Alberto Mancini. It has been cleverly thought out with a luxurious design, relaxation areas and state-of-the-art technology.

The Targa range offers a real resting space. For example, large comfortable lounges, large sun lounges and a sophisticated design to meet every need. Targa yachts are available in Open and GT versions and come in the Targa 45, Targa 50, Targa 53, Targa 58 and Targa 65 models.

Finally, the Yachts in the Squadron range are divided into three models: the Squadron 50, Squadron 53 and Squadron 68. These Yachts with Fly bridge are configured in such a way that all the spaces relate to leisure and comfort on board. Always designed by Alberto Mancini, the yachts in the range offer sculpted exterior lines and luxurious interiors.

Fanale Marine is a Corsican brand of semi-rigid boats based in Pietrosella. At its beginnings as a boat rental company, the brand has developed its activity in the production of semi-rigid boats.

Today, Fanale Marine presents a range of semi-rigid boats, each of which is named after an emblematic seabird of the island of beauty. The Acula Marina 600, Falchettu 700, Altagna 800, Altore 900 and Lubecciu 1000 models are ideal for day sailing.

Thanks to their experience as rental companies, the deck plans are ideally thought out. Indeed, the models are perfectly arranged while meeting the needs of users on the water.


IRON Boats was developed by enthusiasts Lars and Henrik Peterson, IRONBROTHERS, who have a long experience in motorboating. This development is the result of the collaboration with Mannerfelt Design Team, which is one of the most respected design studios in the global marine industry, with more than one hundred motorboat projects completed, a dozen design awards and 25 motorboat racing world championships.


With its unique hull-integrated side fenders (IRON FENDER), inspired by modern ships and aircraft, IRON has been given a character of its own. Even at dock, IRON boats do not go unnoticed. The design of the side fenders with air channels dampens movement, resonance noise and lowers the center of gravity.


The racing experience of the Mannerfelt design team gives the hull of IRON boats a smooth sea passage and high maneuverability for a safe and enjoyable sea passage.

In the 1990s, WHITE SHARK made its entry into the European powerboating market, particularly in France. This company developed a complete range of premium Day Boats, based on the Sea Hawk models from the famous American manufacturer Chris Craft. Over the years, this range has distinguished itself thanks to remarkable marine qualities, elegant design, and meticulous finishing.

In 2020, French Boat Market took over this iconic brand with the ambition to offer innovations and an exceptional boating experience.


Virtue Yachts is the embodiment of a profound passion for yachting, founded by individuals who are not just experts in yacht production but also avid boaters themselves. Our team boasts years of experience in engineering and a deep understanding of the yachting world. What truly sets us apart is our dedication to crafting yachts that offer unique features not readily found in today’s market.


Our construction process unfolds within a meticulously controlled environment, ensuring optimal climate conditions and proper ventilation. Each element undergoes a meticulous vacuum infusion and assembly process, marked by unwavering attention to detail. We take environmental and worker safety seriously, with separate enclosed and well-ventilated areas for gelcoat spraying and laminate cutting.


A decade ago, the Swedish company Petestep® introduced a groundbreaking, patented hull technology that forever transformed the landscape of motor yachts. Building on their pioneering work, we have seamlessly incorporated the Petestep® technology into the hull design of our V10 model. This innovation promises a superior ride experience, setting our yachts apart from the rest.