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Peindre son bateau

Painting his boat

Customize a boat in terms of painting remains today, in the world of boating, very rare.

PORT D’HIVER offers the full customization of your boat’s hull in order to give her a unique colour and identity and thus improve its performance.

The painting customized of your boat has a future: it is a great way to distinguish thanks to the beauty of its fineness, to distinguish themselves from the other boats at sea, but above all to make it unique.

PORT D’HIVER works specially with original hues * which generates a wide range of colours:

– metallized shade

– fluorescent / phosphorescent shade

– pearly shade

– matt shade

– all shade at the request of the customer…

Our shipyard attaches particular importance to the customer relationship: before any process, the customer has the opportunity to meet our workshop leader to validate the desired shade.

A validation is necessary to start all operations.

Our team is able to respond to all the desires and extravagances of our customers: you want a pearly pink colour for your hull? You want a sparkles hue? Everything is possible with PORT D’HIVER.

Our technicians can literally transform your boat with very specific processes and adapted structures: in fact, all the paintings are done in our paint booth, protected from air and moisture to a result of a rare precision.

The dexterity and agility of our painters allow the application of special and original varnish, such as nail glitter effects, frosted or even chameleons. The use of special mixtures requires indeed a perfectly uniform application without rendering hooked.