IRON 827

Type : Open
Brand : IRON
Model : 827
Fuel : Essence
Construction : Fibre de verre
Transmission :
length : 8.32 m
Width : 2.44 m
Year : 2024
Cabins : 0
Engine hours :
Passengers : 9

Bareboat price without option.
Boat in the catalog (not in stock), configuration possible on order.

With its unique side fenders integrated into the hull (IRON FENDER), inspired by modern ships and aircraft, IRON boats have a character of their own. Even at dock, IRON boats do not go unnoticed. The design of the side fenders with air channels dampens movement, resonance noise and lowers the center of gravity.
The IRON 827 is the flagship of the range with its 8.32m long and 2.44m, it is offered with engines ranging from 250 to 450HP.
The recorded speeds range from 46 to 60 knots depending on the engine installed, enough to ensure sporty navigation!


Coque nue (moteur en option)
67 870 € TTC