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Diving into a new dimension…

The SEABOB offers you a new experience to explore the waters: serenity, freedom and sensations…

Powerful and silent, the SEABOB allows you to explore the seabed while respecting the environment.
On the surface or under the water, in apnea or with your diving equipment, this nimble and efficient nautical vehicle will not leave you any more during your outings at sea! From Marseille to Saint Tropez via Hyères, Port d’Hiver Yachting offers 3 models of SEABOB for sale in the department of Var:


The SEABOB F5 weighs only 29kg and has a propulsive force of 480 newtons.
Its E-Jet Power System engine offers 4 levels of power, easily operated on the control panel. Thanks to its low weight / power ratio, the SEABOB F5 is very versatile and can thus be used on the surface of water or diving, but also in swimming pools…


The SEABOB F5S offers increased performance for a weight of 34 kg. You have 6 levels of power to reach 680 Newton! More sporty and dynamic driving, as well as greater autonomy. The design of the SEABOB F5S is recognizable by its matte chrome elements.


The SEABOB F5SR is the most powerful vehicle of the SEABOB F5 range, its E-Jet Power system delivers an impressive 745 Newton thrust with 7 levels of power! It is equipped as standard with a camera system comprising two onboard cameras, as well as an integrated storage system with a Wi-Fi transmission module.


Power max.2,5 kW4,0 kW4,5 kW
Maximum thrust480 N680 N745 N
Power levels467
Speed over water14 km/h20 km/h22 km/h
Speed under water13 km/h18 km/h20 km/h
Autonomy50 minutes60 minutes70 minutes
Standard charging8h
Quick charging1,5h
Dimensions (L x W x H in mm) 1.152 x 507 x 372  
Weight 29 kg 34 kg 35 kg
Diving depth2,5 m (safety cut-off)
Profondeur de plongée max. 40 m (can be set via electronic control)